Paradise & Perfection: A child’s view on Navini

By Erin Mooney, 11 years old

Just close your eyes and imagine a small island, far away from anything else, with everything you could possibly ever want. Its sand is pure white, the reef is a colourful daze, the ocean is a mass of blue… can you picture it yet? It sounds too good to be true, don’t you think? Well, let me tell you a secret…I’ve been to this place before and it is absolutely impossible to leave without wanting to spend more time here. Everything just seems to be perfect here. It fills me with joy every time I visit.

People say there’s no such thing as paradise, but I think they’re wrong. A place can be wonderful, they say, but there’s nothing out there that is so perfect and so wonderful that it could be called paradise. But they don’t know what’s out there; a place they haven’t discovered yet and should be known by many more. I believe there is a paradise, one that is just starting to bloom – a place called Navini.

Navini Island Resort is located off the coast of Nadi and near Monuriki Island, where Tom Hanks starred in the famous movie Cast Away. There is a Castaway Island Resort too, so don’t get mixed up! The resort boat sometimes visits Monuriki, where you can roam around the island, snorkel and look for the ‘wrecked’ plane.

Each day on Navini they have activities such as volleyball, coconut tasting, basket weaving and a daily trip to the islands and reefs around Navini. Volleyball is played on the south side of the island at 4.30pm and played for at least an hour. The game is always fun and enjoyed by everyone, including those who might not be as experienced as the staff at this game.

Coconut tasting and basket weaving are only available on rainy days but you can ask any of the staff for a coconut to drink; they are always happy to get you one. The boat trips usually commence at 9.30am, so when you arrive back on Navini you have time to shower and get dressed before lunch time. Wherever you go on the boat, it will always be educational and exciting. The boat goes to coral reefs, sandy islands, other island resorts, and a village where you can buy jewellery or a Fiji souvenir. All of these places are great and are something to remember, but compared to Navini they are nothing.

The Fijians who live and work on Navini are absolutely amazing. They are talented and beautiful people. I’m sure that when you get to know them you will instantly be pulled into their beautiful community. They are so kind and considerate and I feel that these amazing people are what make Navini so special. It is a place to remember, always!

And if you still think that I’m just trying to advertise Navini so tourists will visit the island, well you’re wrong! I am telling you this because it is all true, every bit of it, and I know that Navini will be your paradise too. A place just can’t get any better than this…and I know this even as a child! Navini is paradise, and I’m sure you’ll see that.