Experience Navini

A question that we are often asked is what makes Navini unique? One answer is that our guests overwhelmingly remark on the friendliness and attentiveness of our staff. Another is the degree of remoteness from the busy mainland, despite the fact that the island is only an hour from Nadi. Personal touches that surprise many include feather pillows, coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans, bread baked daily and being known by name by everyone on the island.

Here are some more questions and answers about Navini. Please contact us if you have a query that is not addressed here:


How many other guests are there likely to be?

With only 11 bures, Navini seldom has more than 20 guests in total. In off-peak times, it’s often about half this number. Staff always outnumber guests, so you will be well catered for.

Does Navini have day-trippers?

No. We made the decision that Navini will be for guests only, so day-trippers are not permitted. Nor is there a village on Navini; just guests, staff and the owners.


How long does it take to get to Navini?

We meet you on arrival at Nadi Airport and you can be on Navini Island within an hour (20 minutes by car and 30 minutes by boat).

Our flight arrives at 5.30am; can we come straight out to Navini so early?

Yes, transfers can be made at any time of the day or night. We can meet you arriving on an early flight for your transfer to Navini. You can use the day area from 7am for no extra charge until your bure is ready later in the day. Earlier arrivals before daybreak are possible for an extra fee.

We are coming out to Navini after an evening flight; is it possible to have a meal on our arrival?

Yes, we would be happy to arrange a plate of sandwiches, a salad, and/or some fresh fruits for arrivals after the evening meal service. 

Our flight leaves in the evening; what time do we have to check out?

You are welcome to stay on Navini until 4pm. If the bure is required for incoming guests, then you may use our common day room until your departure at 4pm – all at no extra cost. Later transfers are possible for an extra charge.


Are the beach and reef easy to get to?

All bures open onto the beach, so you walk straight out of your front door and onto the white sand. You have a thatched umbrella and beach lounge if you choose to stop there.

How good is the reef?

Having been a protected sanctuary for many years, the reef is teeming with sea life. Many people express surprise at being able to see such expansive coral gardens, a variety of fish, and other aquatic creatures only a short swim from the beach.

Can I kite surf and what are the winds generally like?

Kite surfing is possible off the beach at high tide with your own kite surfer. Prevailing trade winds year round are south-east at about 15 knots. In the summer, we also experience regular winds from a northerly direction. However, winds can blow from any direction and average between 10 and 15 knots, with a normal range of between zero to 30 knots.

What is this beach like for swimming and does Navini have a swimming pool?

The white sandy shores provide a beautiful swimming area that surrounds half the island. The seawater is clear, so visibility is good. The best swimming is at high or half tide. There is generally enough water to wade in at low tide. The tide varies from about six feet down to extreme low tides of under a foot. There is no swimming pool on Navini.


What will the weather be like?

Fiji is sub-tropical, but being away from mountains, Navini receives much less rain and has lower humidity that most of Fiji. Temperatures from April to September are typically between 24 to 30°C, and from October to March (which is the wetter summer season) around 28 to 34°C. For further details about Fiji’s climate, click here.

Are the bures cool enough in the summer months?

The bures all have ceiling fans, high roofs as well as large louvre windows to catch the sea breeze. Most guests find these comfortable year round. For more air flow, there are some stand fans available on request.

How environmentally friendly is Navini?

Very! In 1983, the original reef agreement was established with the late Tui Lawa (king) Ratu Filipe. The waters surrounding Navini have been a sanctuary ever since. This also ‘feeds’ fish into neighbouring areas. We collect and use rainwater to avoid bringing in large quantities of fresh water, which would upset the natural balance of water going onto the reef. Nothing is discharged into the sea.

Guests are encouraged and shown how to respect the reef and sea life. We have a continuing program of plant propagation to increase shelter and provide shade. Bures are designed with high roofs and lots of windows on all sides to be comfortable without the need for air conditioning. Navini was a founding member of the Mamanuca Environment Society (est. 2002), and continues to support the society.


Will we have enough to do?

This is probably best answered by saying that first-time guests to Navini stay an average of five days, however many return to stay for 10 days or more. Our average length of stay is around a week. On the Things to Do (Activities) page, you will see a variety of activities on offer – or you may wish to choose a book and simply relax on the beach.

When are the Fijian nights?

There is a Fijian cultural evening at Navini Island about once a week. The actual day varies and is decided close to the date. Enjoy stories of the past, a traditional meke dance performance, and a welcoming kava ceremony. Dinner includes a selection of Fijian delicacies such as traditionally cooked seafood, food cooked in the underground oven, fresh fruits, and local desserts. 

Use of Drones

Due to privacy and safety concerns, the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (drones) on or above Navini Island is prohibited. This includes any aerial photography, filming or videotaping for commercial or personal purposes, and extends to any drones flying within the Resort boundaries and/or Resort facilities.


Do you have phone reception?

There is Vodafone and Digicel reception at Navini. Local SIM cards are available at Nadi Airport if you would like to purchase one.  

Do you have free WiFi?

Around the dining room area there is WiFi available. When checking in, you will receive a free WiFi card for use during your stay. Further data is available for a charge. For Internet use on your personal electronic device in or around your bure, data sim cards or mobile modems can be purchased for a minimal cost at Nadi Airport.

Are there power adaptors available?

Navini has 240-volt electricity, which is the same as in Australia and New Zealand. Some appliances require a two-pin plug and there are some of these available in the office. We have hair dryers in the bures, so there’s no need to bring one along.


What should we bring?

Navini is very casual, so pack accordingly. You might find that your shoes are taken off on the boat and packed away until your departure. The only shoes you might require are beach shoes. The beach is raked daily, however, small rocks and bits of coral can wash up with the tides or in the shallow water making some areas uncomfortable to walk over. It is recommended that you bring a watersports top or rash vest for water activities, as well as your own snorkel and mask (fins are available to borrow, along with some masks and snorkels if preferred). To protect the reef from harmful chemicals, bring along sunscreen to use that is reef safe and contains mineral UV-blocking ingredients. There is complimentary shampoo, conditioner and soap in the bures, as well as beach towels available to borrow. The complimentary island wrap-around sulus come in handy and are often worn with a shirt to dinner. The Navini shop has an assortment of island essentials for sale, as well as souvenirs to take home.

Does Navini have a laundry service?

Staff can wash clothes and laundry lists under the benches in the bures list the current rates. Clothing will be returned, washed and ironed, within 24 hours.


How far in advance should I book?

Generally there is space available at short notice. For peak periods, we suggest booking several months in advance to secure the bure type that you would like. Some of our guests book before they depart Navini for the same time the following year.

Is tipping expected?

Tipping is not expected here in Fiji. If you would like to pay a staff gratuity, we do have a ‘staff fund’ box in the shop. All donations are shared fairly among all the staff at the end of the year in time for Christmas.

Does Navini offer packages?

Navini concentrates on creating the best possible holiday stay for you. Our packages include accommodation, all meals, and return transfers from the Nadi Airport to Navini by private car and speedboat. We do not get involved with airline or other travel arrangements. We suggest you contact Fiji Airways, Air New Zealand or Virgin Australia for air travel arrangements.

Are there any special deals?

Navini does have special offers available from time to time over off peak periods. Do ask our friendly reservations staff for current packages. Contact Us

Can we be married on Navini?

Certainly! Weddings at Navini are special occasions. You can select a special place in the gardens, on the deck, or on the beach where you would like to be married. By the beach before sunset is a favourite. A celebrant can conduct a religious or non religious service. We will make the necessary arrangements for you.


Will there be children on Navini during our stay?

Children are often at Navini around school holiday periods. The majority of our guests are couples, so outside of these periods, there are unlikely to be children here.

Does Navini welcome children?

We do welcome children here at Navini. Some of our regular guests have children who come back for the relaxing atmosphere and to spend time together. We do not have a kids’ club, but child minding is available for a charge.

Will there be enough for my teenagers to do?

With the morning activities, snorkelling, and water sports equipment, there tends to be enough to keep teenagers occupied. Some of our staff are young adults and often teenagers (and many other guests) spend time with them.  A number of our returnees are teenagers and some have even come back for their honeymoons.