Culture, Cassava and Kava

Entertainment and cultural activities: Learn, Create, and Indulge

Navini Island Resort offers a unique opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the Fijian culture. Some days, a cultural activity may be organised instead of a boat trip. The resort provides various cultural activities and entertainment that allow guests to learn about local traditions, including nature walks and basket weaving. The nature walks take guests on a journey through the lush surroundings, teaching them about the various uses of local plants, and offering a glimpse into Fijian traditional medicine. The basket weaving classes are conducted by the island’s staff, who show guests how to weave a basket using coconut fronds. These baskets are used in the villages to carry vegetables from the plantations and are often found on the side of the road on the mainland, filled with root vegetables such as cassava or other produce for sale.

Culture Fijian Basket Weaving on Navini

In addition to these activities, guests can also participate in cooking lessons and learn about the local cuisine. The cooking lessons provide an opportunity to learn about the traditional Fijian dishes, such as Kokoda, a raw fish salad marinated in coconut cream and lime juice, or Lovo, a dish cooked in an underground oven called a lovo pit. Guests can also try their hand at making toffee from freshly grated coconut, a Fijian delicacy.

One of the highlights of the cultural experience at Navini Island Resort is the weekly Fijian feast and entertainment evening. The evening begins with a traditional kava ceremony, where guests can taste the kava, a traditional Fijian drink made from the root of the yaqona plant. The kava ceremony is followed by a feast where guests can sample the traditional Fijian dishes, cooked in the underground lovo pit. The Navini band then entertains guests with guitars and singing, and the evening culminates in some lively Fijian dancing. Guests are welcome to join the staff in the dining room for stories and laughs.

Cultural activities provide a window into the local traditions, cuisine, and way of life, making for a truly unforgettable vacation.

Entertainment and cultural activities on Fiji Night
Join the navini staff after dinner for kava, stories and laughs.