Culture, Cassava and Kava

Some days there may be a cultural activity organised instead of a boat trip. Guests can take a nature walk to learn about the traditional uses of local plants. They can also make toffee from freshly grated coconut or learn about local foods with a cooking lesson from one of the island’s staff. Or they can learn how to weave a basket from a coconut frond. These types of baskets are used in the villages to carry vegetables from the plantations. They are often found on the side of the road on the mainland, filled with the root vegetable known as cassava or other produce for sale.

Culture & Basket Weaving

A traditional Fijian feast and entertainment evening is held about once a week. Guests can watch how the food is spread over the hot coals for even cooking in the underground oven, known as the lovo pit, and then enjoy the feast that follows. There is a traditional kava ceremony before the Navini band plays guitars and sing, and some lively Fijian dancing begins. Some evenings the Navini band will play traditional Fijian songs around the kava bowl. Guests are welcome to join staff in the dining room, but they should be prepared for some stories and a few laughs!